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Welcome to Neubauer GmbH
Design and Development of Cutting and Milling Technologies for different technical Applications
We produce single knives and blades with cutting edges made of carbide and highly wear-resistant parts for diverse cutting and milling devices as well as autarkic working assemblies for your machines and devices.
Knives / Blades and Cutting Systems
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The precise production and the special carbide which we use for the paper industry enables us to achieve very high running lives with our paper blades. In order to raise the cutting performance we can design and produce our cutting tools in light weight construction.

We provide technical solutions starting from serial production up to single and user-specific solutions.

Customers prefer our products because the higher running life and the high quality.
high precise mechanical machining on grinding and CNC machines
extreme high running lives conditioned by the precise manufacturing and the special used carbide together with an attractive cost-performance-ratio.
high quality standard realized by the high quality level of our manufacturing and a continuous  controlling  and inspection of our fabrication
competent and application-oriented consulting combined with individual assistance
reliable compliance of  delivery dates


High quality and
precise manufacturing
are our success
circular blades, sheeter and slitter blades, rotational blades
assemblies for cross-cutting, devices for cutting
edge trim cutters, shredders
chipping  & shearing bars
wear parts for trimming machines
CAD design
CNC production, milling & grinding parts
regrinding of knives and blades
training sessions for knife and blade adjusting